The biggest asset Raigam holds over other comparable businesses is the team of young, well educated and highly trained personnel it has on call to tackle any project given to them. Most of the spars number of people having knowledge and experience in Salt making are at present employed at Raigam giving an edge that is hard to blunt. These people are given better perquisites than what is available in the market along with facilities to further each ones educational and professional qualifications. Giving them a free hand to make relevant decisions in their respective areas, with corresponding responsibilities, make it a satisfying work environment. Guaranteed career advancement keeps them contented.

Most employees are kept up to date in their respective area of work by constant training and appraisals. This has made Raigam one of the most sought after employers today. Raigam is managed by one of the most qualified and dynamic Board of Directors headed by one of the most qualified and awarded CEOs in the country.

Dr. Ravi Liyanage

Mr.Kishan Rohana

Mr.Ganaka Amarasinghe

Dr.Sampath Amaratunga

Mr.Thiyagarajah Dharmarajah

Mr.Sarath Keerthirathne

Mr.Sunil Samaraweera