Established in 2005, Raigam Wayamba Salterns Ltd is a BOI company engaged in the manufacture, refining, packeting and marketing Salt products. The trade is widely accepted to give one of the highest profit ratios in the manufacturing field compared to the investment. Entitled to a tax holiday from date of making commercial profit, their manufacturing facilities are situated right round the island, giving an unique advantage in minimizing transport cost. Salt, being a low value commodity, has a very high cost component in transport. Having manufacturing facilities in Puttalama, Tangalla and Trincomalee have definitely given Wayamba Salterns a definite advantage over its competitors. It should also be pointed out that solar Salt manufacture is one of the very few industries where the raw material (brine) and energy source for the manufacturing process (solar power) is totally free of charge. Raigam has a unique advantage of its own having full control of vertical integration starting from raw materials to the door step of its consumers. Apparently there are no such industries existing in the world where any manufacturer/ marketer has almost total vertical control over its operation

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